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Client Testimonials

 Life Choices has been such a blessing. These wonderful ladies have helped in the care of our two youngest. Also, the educational classes have helped our kids as well, in care and affection. Life Choices has also been such a tremendous blessing with all the prayers, newborn, and toddler supplies! I love the kind and thoughtful cards too!

Life Choices has shown me how to disciple better; and how to be in control instead of my child. And how to be calmer as a parent when a child makes a mistake.

Life Choices have really been helping us a lot! They're all such nice people! Without this place. we wouldn't have hardly anything for our little boy. We thank everyone for helping us and we have really been learning a lot as well. 
-Sarah and William L. 

Life Choices has helped me in many ways. The lesson and homework have helped me learn new things about my kids and ways to be more constructive with them regarding behaviors, discipline, potty training, etc. I’ve also been blessed to make a friend, Mrs. Kourtney at Life Choices. She is so helpful and really inspires me to make the right choices; not only for my children but also for myself. The baby bucks and boutique are also awesome. Their program is spectacular. I’m going to continue to come even after my parenting certificate is received, so I can receive further knowledge and strength from those totally wonderful women. Thank you for everything!


sara and william L. testimonial

Linda Johnson